Better Buying
Apr 15 2019 Posted: 07:00 IST

The Financial System (Agresso) Better Buying changes from 1st April.   These changes will impact all new requisitions and existing requisitions (awaiting approval) on this date.

Visible Changes to Agresso screen

1. A new mandatory field will be added in the form of a drop-down menu where users will select the Procurement Process Undertaken for the requisition being raised.  See advice below on steps to be taken before raising your requisition.

2. Requisitions >€5k will generate an onscreen pop-up message asking users to confirm procurement compliancy requirements have been met. The requisition cannot be processed without confirming.

Note: It is a MANDATORY requirement to attach the relevant documentation for all requisitions >€5k

Workflow Review Step for Requisitions >€25K

3. The Procurements and Contracts Office will review ALL Requisitions >€25k, after Budget Holder Approval.
Requisitions will be rejected where there is no evidence of a proper procurement process being undertaken and or the appropriate documentation been attached.


4. A number of reports are being developed around the “Procurement Process Undertaken” as well as Aggregated Spend per Supplier.

BEFORE you logon to Financial System (Agresso) to raise your Requisition - the following steps below should be taken:-

1. Review the Procurement & Contracts Office, centralised contracts to ascertain what contracts are in place.

2. Where no relevant contract is in place for the required goods/services – then source same through your quotation process  and have all your details ready before you log in to Financial System (Agresso) to make your requisition.

Supporting the Change

Familiarise yourself with our Procurement guidelines, in particular the spending thresholds for each type of purchase.   Also see Better Buying for more information, or email