The NUI Galway campus network supports a range of academic computing facilities for registered postgraduate students. PC Suites across the campus provide Internet and email facilities to registered students. PCs are available on a ’first come first served’ open access basis. These open access hours are advertised on the notice board in the suite at the start of term and are also searchable online. PCs are also available at times when they are not booked for classes. Please check these timetables for class bookings before entering a suite to avoid disturbing a class.

A wide range of software is available to postgraduate students along with printers, scanners, and CD-writers. Details of available software, listed suite by suite.  Postgraduate students may also borrow software for on-campus use on University-owned computer according to software licensing terms.

Support services are available to all postgraduate students. The Service Desk is a one-stop-shop where users can bring their computing queries and problems.

A "wi-fi" computing service is available for postgraduate students with suitably equipped laptops. Find out more about the wireless service and technical requirements for connecting to it.

All use of University computing resources must comply with the University’s Code of Conduct and ICT Regulations.