Student Email Activation

The first time you try to access your email account, you are required to activate the account.  The activation consists of a three step wizard. Follow the activation process, set security questions, security answers etc.  Once Activation is complete you can access your Inbox.

Sign in at with your NUI Galway email address and your temporary Activation Password. 
You can go to CASS to get your student email address

StudentMail Login 

  1. Sign in with your NUI Galway email address
  2. Password: Your temporary activation password is galwayDDMM  (the word galway followed by the date and month from your Date of Birth e.g. If your date of birth is the 9th of November your temporary activation password is galway0911)
  3. Click Sign in to proceed

You can get help by clicking on the ? icon at the top-right of the OWA screen.