Printing on campus following the current Dept of Health Covid-19 Guidelines

‌‌The Multi-Function Printer located at the Podium Floor/Ground Floor of the library are available for use, you must book a time slot to use the printers. When making a reservation select Multi-Function Printers from the location. Printers on the upper floors are available for users who have a study seat booked.

There are a limited number of PCs available for use in the Library, these must be booked in advance.  To assist with printing there are a small number of stand up PCs available from where you can print. It is also possible to submit your prints via WiFi, more information on WiFi printing is available here.

MFP Locations on Campus Banner

Multi-Function Printers are located in all PC Suites around campus. There are a number of Multi-Function Printers located outside outside of the PC Suites and location information is below.

South Campus

  • James Hardiman Library  - Information on printing services in the Library can be found here
  • Arts/Science Ground Floor - (beside Arts/Science PC Suite, ISS and Chemistry corridor) – 2  Multi-function Printers in Print Room 
  • Aras Moyola - 1 Multi-function Printer on 1st Floor
  • Cairnes Building - 1 Multi-function Printer on 1st Floor & 1 Multi-function Printer on 2nd Floor

North Campus

  • ILAS Lifecourse Building – 1 Multi-function Printer on 1st Floor
  • Corrib Shop (Corrib Village) – 1 Multi-function Printer  – available during shop opening hours - Please click here for further information and contact details.

Clinical Science Institute (CSI), University College Hospital Galway

  • Clinical Science Institute (UCHG) - 2  Multi-function Printers on 1st Floor