PC Suite Printing

What is the PC Suite Print Service? 

Direct Printing 
PC Suite desktops have a number of print queues available.  The default print queue is for an A4 black and white printer usually located in the PC Suite.  Print jobs sent to it print out directly to the printer e.g. the print queue Arts_Science is for the printer in the Arts & Science PC Suite.  A small number of PC suites also contain printers that can produce A3-sized printouts.

Release Printing 
For colour printing, you must submit jobs to the  Colour_Release print queue.  Jobs sent to this queue are held for 24 hours until you release them from a print release station.  For full details of where the release stations are located see the print release station page. Black and white jobs can also be sent to the BW_Release print queue and released at any print release station.  

Release stations offer you flexibility in that you can send a print job to the release queue and release it later from a variety of locations.  You can also view your queued jobs and choose to delete them, at no cost, if you no longer want to print them out.

What do I need to use the PC Suite Print Service?

You need to have a Campus Account username and password (see the CASS website).  A print account is automatically created for you.  Print credit can be purchased from print kiosks* or online at https://printcredit.nuigalway.ie/.  You can also check your current print account balance at the kiosk or online.  A deduction is made from your print account for each page printed.


How much does the PC Suite Print Service cost?

Printing Costs