What is DANte?

DANte is a Business Intelligence/Data Analytics solution which has been developed for and by NUI Galway during 2017 and 2018. Reports have been developed using the Microsoft PowerBI reporting tool in a number of key areas to support strategic decision making – and also some useful daily functions - for University staff. DANte offers a single NUI Galway facility for both tabular and attractive visual reporting based on a range of data sources including student and staff records (Quercus & CoreHR), financial data (Agresso) and some data from other systems including Blackboard and Wi-Fi records.  Some reports integrate data from a range of sources.

Data from the source systems is loaded, and reports updated, daily – so reports are always based on data which is up-to-date as of close of business the previous day.

Ten years of data are presented for selection.

DANte does not fully replace Discoverer yet in terms of the range of reporting, but it does complement it by offering some new reports, some integrated reports based on multiple data sources, many visually attractive reports and  always live data.