What reports are available now?

The current suite of reports is grouped into Apps. Each App contains at least one report which in turn includes a number of pages reporting on the following:

  • Staff Analysis: staff numbers by grade, area and gender; historical staff reports; upcoming events such as retirements and contracts expiring
  • Student Details: class lists, and which students have not yet registered for all their modules
  • Student Fees: budget vs actual student numbers and fees
  • Student Success: how well the university performs in terms of year on year rollover (progression) and course completion (retention), and formal withdrawals
  • Students & modules: a varied set of reports covering course and module registration, cross-College teaching and some student KPIS
  • Student Engagement: some predictive analytics to assist with identification of students who may be at risk of disengagement, based initially on 8 factors including their CAO points, engagement with Blackboard and whether they’ve registered for all their modules. Because individual student names and scores are exposed, access to this report is tightly restricted. Those who do use it will decide whether intervention is required.

 Each report includes an ‘About’ page to help users get the maximum from the information they’re viewing.

What do the reports look like?

All reports have a similar look and feel, in terms of a header with logo, and a range of ‘slicers’ or filters – see example below.

Dante reports

How can I access  DANte?

Access to the Apps is controlled, particularly so that sensitive data is seen only by appropriate staff. If you would like to request access please log a ticket in the Service Desk ticketing system using the folowing category:

Request type 1

 Please indicate which reports you would like access to. Access is granted on the basis of roles; not all staff have access to all reports and some reports offer restricted viewing depending on roles. You will also be granted a PowerBI Pro licence which is needed to run the reports.

Once you have been granted access, DANte is available through Office 365. The ‘waffle’ in the top left hand corner of the screen offers a range of applications including Power BI. Click the PowerBI icon and then select Sign in, using your loginID@nuigalway.ie. A list of Apps available to you will then appear.

Data definitions

A single set of NUI Galway data definitions (e.g., Student FTE, Progression) has been developed and agreed so that reporting is consistent and transparent across the university. These are the latest definitions. They will be added to/updated as required to support further report development.

How do i access the reports?

You’ve logged a ticket with ISS requesting access to DANte and a selection of reports. ISS have responded, providing you with a power BI license and confirmation you can now view the reports. Now what do you do to get started? Here is a quick “Get Started Guide” which shows you how to access DANte apps and reports.

I have a technical issue, who do I go to?

All technical issues with the service should be logged as normal through the Service Desk. Use the following categories when logging a ticket with the Service Desk.

Report a fault