Buying Computer Equipment

The following companies have been awarded the contracts for the provision of desktop PCs, Laptops and Apple Mac laptops and desktops.  ISS will only support equipment purchased from Dell, Apple contracts are being finalised.

Note: In line with Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007, Display Screen Equipment, (page 7)the Health and Safety Authority state that “a user should not work on the laptop directly for long periods of time”. Therefore ISS and the Health and Safety Office recommend those users who are purchasing laptops as their primary machine also purchase a mouse, a separate monitor and keyboard (and docking station where required) so that their computer workstation can be set up more ergonomically in compliance with these regulations. 

IT Equipment - Desktop PCs, Laptops, Apple Equipment


Equipment TypeSupplierDevicesWarranty DetailAccount Manager Contact Details
Desktop PCs Dell Optiplex 5060 desktop 5Yr Pro Support and Next Business Day 
On-Site Service
Eoin Woods
Ph: (IRL) 01 2045975
Laptop PCs Dell

Portable Latitude 7290 

Standard Notebook: Latitude 5490 

Full Feature Notebook: Latitude 5590

5Yr Pro Support and 
Next Business Day 
On-Site Service
Apple Mac Wriggle

 Apple Desktop

Apple Desktops


All Apple desktops  and Laptops are  supplied with a 5 Year Warranty and include Helpdesk Support as standard

All iPads come with a 2 year warranty

 Maureen Casey 

M: +353 87 9294144


IT Equipment – Printers

Details on the purchase of  Multifunction Printing Devices are available here.

Funding options

Most computer equipment purchases are generally funded from standard departmental or research budgets.

Information Solutions and Services administers a scheme which allows for centralised funding for the purchase of computer equipment for new permanent members of academic staff and for existing academic staff whose current equipment is five years or more. Please review details of the Staff Computer Scheme online.

Note: Funding will only be available for desktop PCs, Laptops and Apple Mac laptops and desktops from the above suppliers. 

How to order

Get a quote. As the computer equipment supplied under this contract, it is not strictly necessary to get a quotation from the supplier: a purchase order can be directly raised with the supplier. When raising a purchase order directly with the supplier without a quotation, ensure that the elements of your order are clear and that product names/part numbers and pricing the contracted equipment details.

However, even where standard equipment is being purchased at the specified contract pricing, you may prefer to request a quote from the supplier in advance of raising a purchase order; indeed, this may be a requirement within certain departments or for certain budgets. Check with the budget holder. If in doubt, you should ask the supplier to provide a quotation.

Place an order

Note: This page does not relate to the Staff Computer Scheme.

Official purchase orders shall be placed for all values of goods/services. Contact your department administrator (or budgetholder) to raise a Purchase Order on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: Purchase orders cannot be placed through supplier web portals, orders must be placed using the normal purchase order processes currently in use at NUI Galway (see below).

Electronic Purchase Orders

Electronic purchase orders are created on the Agresso purchase order system and issued in typeface and PDF format. An electronically issued Agresso purchase order has a single series of digits as a reference number. Departments can issue electronic purchase orders directly to the supplier without further administration from the Accounts Payable Office.

Delivery and Setup

  1. Computer equipment purchased by Information Solutions and Services under the Staff Computer Scheme and computer equipment purchased by departments will be delivered directly to the user.
  2. For Macintosh users, the approved supplier will contact you prior to delivery of you new device.  Prior to delivery the supplier will install Office for Mac and other NUI Galway software for which there is a site licence available.   
  3. For newly purchased Dell PCs do not power on until you have been contacted by an ISS technician
  4. Log onto  and raise a ticket under the following category:
  •           03.Desktop/Laptop Support (Staff & Postgrad)
  • Request Wired Network Connection
  • New Connection

5. Ensure all your files are saved to OneDrive

6.  An ISS technician will contact you to schedule a day/time to remotely configure your new device to the Campus Network.  The remote configuration process will take approximately 30mins.
Prior to this appointment you will need to un-box and setup your new PC, ( do not power on your PC until instructed to do so by the ISS technician) If you have a laptop, then it will have to be encrypted due to University Security Policy. ISS will carry out this process remotely as part of this procedure. 

 Information available about connecting a node to the campus network.

Disposal of old computer equipment

Statement of Support for Computers Purchased Outside of the NUIG Central Procurement Contract

For additional advice or if you have any queries on this subject, please contact the Service Desk