Q: Drive

What is the Q: Drive?

The Q:Drive is an area of file storage on the campus network which is made available to staff to facilitate distribution of files to students.   

  • Note: If staff wish to share files in a collaborative way with other staff, it is recommended that the M: or N: Drive is used.

 Why might I use the Q: Drive?

Using the Q: Drive can simplify the distribution of e.g. lecture notes to students; however, ISS recommend that Blackbaord is used for this purpose  Files placed onto the Q: Drive can be read and copied by students, but not modified or deleted. Students are advised to take a copy of the file from the Q: Drive to their own personal network storage space (U: Drive) before attempting to edit it.

 How do staff request access to write to the Q:Drive?

Contact the Service Desk to log a support ticket for write access to the Q:Drive (please specify the folder name). Please note that students will not be granted write access to Q Drive folder.

How do I access the Q: Drive in the PC Suites?

To access the Q: Drive in the PC Suites, double-click the Q: Drive icon in the main Novell-delivered Applications window (NAL). An Explorer window displaying the Q:Drive contents will open and drive Q: on your computer will be mapped to the Q: Drive on the network for the remainder of that logged-in session.

 How do staff access the Q:Drive from their desktop computer?

For staff who do not use a M/N Drive, access to the Q:Drive is available from your desktop computer as follows:

  • Windows users - Desktops which are connected to UDS (University Domain Service), the Q:Drive is mapped automatically and is visible when you open Windows Explorer.
  • Macintosh users - Go to https://myfiles.nuigalway.ie/
How do I access the Q:Drive off-campus or using Wi-Fi (NUIGWiFi or Eduroam)

Go to https://myfiles.nuigalway.ie/ 

Troubleshooting Tips

Unable to view Network Drive Mapping

If you have any queries about the Q: Drive, please contact the Service Desk.