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Upgrade to Office 2016 using Office 365 Web Apps

This procedure shows how to install Office 2016 by downloading the installation files from Office 365. This is an automated process that will install a seperate version of Office 2016 on top of the currently installed versions of office. That is to say, following this process you will have two versions of Office installed on your PC. You may get errors with the clash of versions of Office on your device.

As a result we recommend that the current version of Office on your PC/laptop is uninstalled and the device is restarted prior to running the Office 2016 installation

NB: While this process will not interfer with any existing files and should not cause any issues with the device, it is advisable to have a recent backup of all local files to an external device or ensure that you have all files synched to OneDrive prior to installing Office 2016.

Here we will outline two seperate procedures based on staff utilizing the currently supported operating system of Windows 7. The installation was carried out using a Firefox browser.

Step 1 - Uninstall Office 2013 - (Uninstalling Office 2010 Is The Same But May Have Slightly Different Screenshots)

Uninstall of Office 2013

1) Click on Windows Menu - Control Panel - Programs and Features

Control Panel

2) Scroll to Microsoft Office Profession Plus 2013 and click on it once to highlight it

Uninstall SS

3) Click on uninstall - The uninstall option will appear at the top of the screen once you highlight Office 2013

Install SS 3

4) Click on YES to remove Office 2013

You may be prompted to restart your PC. If you are not prompted and you get a message to say the uninstall was succefful, please restart your PC regardless

Step 2 - Install Office 2016 From Office 365

1) - Go to Office 365

  • Login as eg -
  • Click on the Settings Window (silver cog to the right of the screen)
  • Click on Office 365


2) - Click on Software


3) - Click on the Office menu on the left of the screen 

You will see Office 2016 presented on the right hand side


Click Install


Note: You have an option to upgrade to Office 2013. This is particularly for users of Office 2010 where their PC may struggle to run Office 2016

4) - Click Save File or Save depending on the browser you utlise


5) - Generally all downloads will go to the Downloads directory. 

Double click on Setup.x86.en-us_O365ProPlusRetail


6) - Click run


7) - If prompted by User Account Control, click Yes


8) - The Office installation will begin


9) - Once complete, you will receive a message on screen indicating success. Click Close


You will notice that the icons for Office 2016 appearing on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen


10) - You can also find the Office 2016 apps by clicking on Start - All Programs


11) - Click on Outlook. You will be prompted to enter your and password.

Be sure to click on Remember my Credientals and Click OK


12) - Type in your and click next to activate Office


13) - Enter your credientials and click Sign In


14)  - Click OK