Office 2011 Upgrade

‌It is recommended that all Office 2011 for Mac users regualarly update their Apple computer with the latest updates for their computer. This includes running Microsoft AutoUpdate for your Office 2011 installation.

As of Feburary 2015, the recommended Office update required is 14.4.8. This is the recommeded minimum version for support of Office 365 in NUIG.

Any update since then (14.4.8+) will also support Office365

The screenshots below are for description only. Remember the version you need to install is at least 14.4.8

To update, do the following

Check for Updates for your version of Office

Step 1- Open any Office 2011 application such as Excel. 

  • Click on Help
  • Check for Updates
  • Ensure you save and close all open Office documents as well as all other open applications such as Safari

Auto Update Icon will Run

Step 2 - The Microsoft Autoupdate button will appear on your dock and will run

Hint - To keep this icon in your dock so that you can run the autoupdate function directly rather than have to open a Outlook 2011 application, do the following

  • Control Right Click over the Icon
  • Click on Options
  • Choose Add to Dock

AutoUpdate runs with current default config

Step 3 - Microsoft Autoupdate appears on your screen.

  • Ensure Automatically is checked
  • Check for Updates - choose Weekly

Screen when it finds an update

Step 4 - MS update will find the latest avaialble update for your version of Office.

  • Note that the version you need to see is at least 14.4.8
  • If you see any other version (such as the above) you will need to install it first and then run Microsoft AutoUpdate again. However, this rarely happens unless you have never updated Office before and it needs to update in incremental upgrades.
  • Click on Install

Install Password request

Step 5 - Type your password to allow the installation. Note: this is your login password for your Mac

Step 6 - Click Continue

Step 7 - At the Software Licence Agreement, click Continue

Pick your destination

Step 8 - You will be asked to choose a location to install the software.

  • If you are presented with more than one option, always choose your Macintosh HD
  • The other options will generally be your USB hard drive or key that you may have plugged into your computer
  • Click Continue


 Step 9  - Click Install 

  • You will see the progress bar move as it installs the update

Installation was successful

Step 10 - Click Close

Note: - Autoupdate will run again automatically and ask to check for updates. If it finds updates, please run the update procedure again.