Upgrade Office 2010 for Office 365

To connect to the NUIG's Office 365 Email platform, you must ensure that your Office 2010 installation meeting the minimum expected standard. This is Office 2010 with SP2 installed.

This procedure is for a manual download and install of the Service Pack. 

Before you start this procedure, please save any open documents you may have but leave one office application open so that you can check your version.


Step 1 - Find your version of Office

  • Click on File
  • Help
  • Additional Version and Copyright information


Step 2 - Check your Service Pack Level

  • In About Microsoft Outlook/Word/Excel check the version number.
  • The version number of Office 2010 SP1 is greater than or equal to 14.0.6025.1000 but less than 14.0.7015.1000.
  • The original version of Office 2010 is 14.0.4763.1000 which means there has been no upgrade to your version of Office 2010

In order to meet the requirements for Office 365, you need 

  • Service Pack 2 (SP2): 14.0.7015.1000


Step 3 - Download the Service Pack

Click on this link where you will be redirected to the Microsoft site to download the Service Pack

  • Choose Download
  • Your file will download to your Downloads directory

Find your file and double click on it.


Step 4 - Accept the Agreement

  • Tick to accept the Software License Agreement 
  • Click Continue


Step 5 - Extracting and Installing

  • The Service Pack will extract itself and begin the install.
  • It should take about 5 minutes or so to install
  • You may be asked to restart your PC. If asked, restart the PC


Step 6 - Successful Install

  • Click on File
  • Help
  • Additional Version and Copyright information

You will see your version is now 14.7015.1000