Service Requests

If you would like to request that work be undertaken on a service with which you are involved (often on the relevant software application), then you should create a Service Request (SR).  SRs, once approved, initiate short (up to 15 days) work packages.

Examples of SRs are:

  • Less complex software upgrades (more complex ones are handled by a project)
  • Analysis of a known problem
  • Development of reports in a  software application
  • Updating a software application with codes or other details, as dictated by external factors.

How do I create a Service Request?

You should email the relevant ISS Solutions Manager with an outline of the work involved. If you are not the manager of the unit concerned, it should be agreed with the unit manager before the email is sent. 

Solutions Managers:

Pat Dempsey (Communications and web services)
Brian Ensor (Research support)
Thomas McArdle (Staff services, including finance and HR areas)

What happens then?

The manager involved will discuss the request with you to assess the work involved and consider the timescale.  If it’s agreed that the work will proceed, it will be formally initiated within ISS and you will be notified of this.

How do Service Requests fit with Service Desk Tickets and Projects?

A Service Desk ticket generally relates to a fault in an existing service or a standard request, whereas SRs are designed to initiate development or analysis work which are non-standard but which do not warrant a formal project. Projects are undertaken to deal with larger work packages.