Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite software is a toolkit for print, web, and mobile publishing. Adobe Creative Suite consists of:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS
  • Flash CS Professional
  • Fireworks CS
  • Contribute CS

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  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  Yes
  • Linux No

Does NUI Galway Have a Site Licence For Adobe Creative Suite Software?

No, NUI Galway no longer has a site licence for this product. However, NUI Galway does have a Contractual Licensing Programme Agreement with Adobe, which allows staff to buy licences for Adobe products at considerably reduced rates.

How Can I Get Adobe Creative Suite Software For My Computer?

Can I Install Adobe Creative Suite Software On My Home Computer?

One licence will allow you to install the software on two PCs operated by you (e.g. your home PC and office PC) so long as only one copy is in use at any one time.  The licence is assigned to the purchaser; it is not possible to share one licence between two different people. The licence is not tied to the operating system platform as long as the software is available for both Windows and Mac e.g. Photoshop . However, you will need to use a different installation CD for Windows and Macintosh versions. 

Where Can I Get Technical Support About Adobe Creative Suite Software?

Technical support is available online