Microsoft Expression Studio

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Microsoft Expression is a family of tools for professional designers building web and Windows client applications and rich media content.

Expression Studio  is comprised of the following products

  • Expression Web  - Win only
  • Expression Blend  - Win only
  • Expression Design - Win only
  • Expression Media  - Win/MAC
  • Expression Encoder  - Win only

Click here to search the PC Suites for versions of this softwarePlatforms

  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  Yes (Note: Expression Media 2 is the only product available for MAC )
  • Linux No

Does NUI, Galway have a site licence for Microsoft Expression Studio software?

Microsoft Expression Studio is covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  This agreement only applies to staff of NUI, Galway and/or PCs located on campus with work-at-home rights for permanent staff of NUI, Galway. It does not cover PCs owned privately by students. Click here for more information on the Microsoft Campus Agreement

How can I get Microsoft Expression Studio software for my computer?

  • Microsoft Expression Studio is available in PC Suites

Can I install Microsoft Expression Studio software on my home computer?

Yes, for permanent staff members only.  Installation CD/DVD are available from the Service Desk. If you borrow Microsoft Office software, you are obliged to sign a Microsoft Site Licence Agreement Form.

Where can I get technical support about Microsoft Expression Studio?

Technical support is available online from Microsoft.