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SLOPE/W is the leading slope stability software product for computing the factor of safety of earth and rock slopes. With SLOPE/W, you can analyze both simple and complex problems for a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions, soil properties, analysis methods and loading conditions. 

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  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  No
  • Linux  No  

Does NUI, Galway have a site licence for Geo-Slope software?

No. NUI, Galway has a limited amount of Geo-Slope licenses available for on-campus use only.

How can I get Geo-Slope software for my computer?

  • Geo-Slope is available in the Civil Wireless and the Civil Projects Departmental PC Suite located in the Civil Engineering building.  
  • Students     
    Geo-Slope is available to purchase from 

  • Staff 
    Geo-Slope is available to purchase from 

Can I install Geo-Slope software on my home computer?

Geo-Slope is available to purchase from

Where can I get technical support about Geo-Slope?

Technical support is available from