Ghostscript is a suite of software based on an interpreter for Adobe Systems' PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) page description languagesGhostscript runs under UnixX11. Ghostview has an unusual (and arguably counter-intuitive) user interface feature: dragging the mouse over the image pans the image in the opposite direction (the mouse moves the viewport over the image, rather than the image underneath the viewport). The effect is similar to having invisible scroll bars all over the image and is approximately the opposite of panning in Google Maps and other applications.

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Current version available: GhostScript


  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh Yes
  • Linux  Yes

Does NUI, Galway have a site licence for GhostScript software?

Ghostview is available free to download from

How can I get GhostScript software for my computer?

  • GhostScript is available in PC Suites – search online for relevant PC suites.  

  • Students     
    GhostScript is available free to download from

  • Staff 
    GhostScript is available free to download from

Can I install GhostScript software on my home computer?

GhostScript is available free to download from

Where can I get technical support about GhostScript?

Technical support for GhostScript is available online