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RealPlayer is a proprietary cross-platform media player by RealNetworks that plays a number of multimedia formats including MP3, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media, and multiple versions of proprietary RealAudio and RealVideo formats.

Current version available: Available from RealPlayer website


  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  Yes
  • Linux  Yes  

Does NUI Galway have a site licence for RealPlayer software?

No. However, RealPlayer is available free to downloadfor personal or educational purposes

How can I get RealPlayer software for my computer? 

  • Students     
    RealPlayer is available free to download 
  • Staff 
    RealPlayer is available free to download 

Can I install RealPlayer software on my home computer?

RealPlayer is available free to download

Where can I get technical support about RealPlayer?

Customer Support is available free from the RealNetworks website

Known Issues

Some RealPlayer users on-campus at NUI Galway may experience a problem with radio streaming i.e. the message "A General Error has occurred" will appear when trying to access a radio station. This is due to the particular network setting for some desktop computer connections. To resolve this issue, check that the following settings are configured in RealPlayer. 

Proxy Settings

RealPlayer Proxy Settings for Windows users

In RealPlayer, from the Tools menu, choose Preferences and then choose Proxy 

  1. Under PNA and RTSP ProxiesNo proxy must be selected 
  2. Under  HTTP Proxy,  No proxy must be selected    
  3. Click OK 
  4. Restart RealPlayer.