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Skype is software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet. Calls to other users of the service and to toll-free numbers are free, while calls to other landlines and cell phones can be made for a fee. Additional features include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing. At NUI Galway, Skype will work for NUIGWiFi and wired network users (please refer to Known Issues with regard to using Skype in lecture theatres).

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Current version available: Refer to the Skype website


  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  Yes
  • Linux Yes

Does NUI, Galway have a site licence for Skype software? 

Skype is available free to download

How can I get Skype software for my computer? 

  • Students 
    Skype is available in the PC Suites

Can I install Skype software on my home computer? 

Skype is available free to download

Where can I get technical support about Skype? 

Technical support is available online from Skype Help

Known Issues

  • Skype is not available on lectern computers in lecture theatres due to AV equipment requirements 
  • Some Skype users on-campus at NUI, Galway may experience a problem when opening Skype i.e. the message "Connecting" will continuously appear. This is due to the particular network setting for some desktop computer connections. To resolve this issue, ensure that you have the correct proxy settings for Skype:


Skype Proxy Settings for Windows users

Skype Proxy Settings for Macintosh users