This electronic version of the Ó Dónaill Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla is specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system from the publisher, An Gúm. The disc contains all the headwords in the original dictionary and 25% of the sample sentences as well as some additional material. A comprehensive grammatical guide is linked to each headword. The application includes Irish-English, English-Irish and wild card search functions to help you find the word you need.

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Current version available: WinGléacht 2012 installer


  • Windows Yes
  • Macintosh  No
  • Linux No 

Does NUI, Galway have a site licence for WinGléacht software? 

NUI, Galway has a site license for WinGléacht. This agreement only applies to staff of NUI, Galway and/or PCs located on campus with work-at-home rights for permanent staff of NUI, Galway. It does not cover PCs owned privately by students.  

How can I get WinGléacht software for my computer? 

  • WinGléacht is available in PC Suites.

  • Students   
    WinGléacht is available for purchase at the Student' Union Bookstore 
    (Location: Basement, Arts/Science Building. Tel 091 525318). 

  • Staff 
    Staff can borrow installation CD from the Service Desk.

    WinGléacht is available to postgraduate researchers for on-campus use only i.e. researchers who have a desktop computer linked to the campus network (excluding wireless connections). Please contact the Service Desk to borrow a copy of the installation CD.
  • Installation Information 
    To install software on your machine you must login as an administrator 
    WinGléacht installation documentation 

Can I install WinGléacht software on my home computer? 

Yes, for permanent staff members only.  The installation CD is available from the Service Desk.