ZENworks is a self-service software installation mechanism for Windows staff devices which are connected to the University Network.

These devices will now have the ‘NUI Galway Applications’ system folder (pictured below) present in “My Computer”.


 When this folder is selected a number of applications will be visible.  Currently, the self-service applications which you can install on your PC include:

  • Minitab
  • WinZip
  • Endnote 
  • NVivo 

Over time, ISS will continue to add software applications for delivery to staff devices using the ZENworks agent.

Does NUI Galway have a site licence for ZENworks software?

Yes NUI Galway has a site licence for ZENworks. 

Please Note:

If you are using a Windows 7 or 10  PC which is connected to the University network (Via cable) and you do not see the ‘NUI Galway Applications’ system folder as outlined above, then please install the ZENworks agent by doing the following:

  1. Click here and select to ‘Open’ or ‘Run’ the ISS NUI Galway ‘ZENAgentDownload Windows’ tool – This tool will download and silently install the NUI Galway ZENworks agent.  Once the download is complete, the installation will proceed and will take approximately two minutes

  1. A manual reboot will be necessary following the installation but can be postponed -  PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK PRIOR TO REBOOTING THE PC

Can I install ZENworks software on my home computer?

No, ZENworks is available for networked on-campus machines only

Where can I get technical support about ZENworks?

ZENworks support is avaialble from Novell