• MAC Users: When installing SPSS on a MAC you must have an administrator password set on your machine. 

  • Windows Users: (Error 1935) Disable McAfee Virus protection software while installing SPSS.  McAfee will allow connections over Internet explorer, it will not allowing other programmes to connect to the Internet. Once installation is complete re-enable McAfee. 

  • Windows Users: Error 1335 when trying to install SPSS 
    1. First, copy the SPSS folder to your c: drive. 
    2. Upon completion of copying the folder go to Start->Run. 
    3. In the open field add C:SPSSsetup.exe, select OK. SPSS should now install.  
  • SPSS Borrow Licence for Network Licence Key 
  • If you install SPSS via our Software Self Service option. The default licence mode is via our network server. This means that the licence will be renewed centrally each year in July thereby removing the need for you to update it manually. 
  • This also means that when you use SPSS outside of the campus network, you will need to borrow (or check out) a licence from our licence server. Details on activating this commuter licence are available here: Borrow an SPSS Licence