Getting Started

Each department / unit is responsible for its own Web content and must comply with the University policy.
Each department / unit should assign its own 'Web administrator' to edit & publish content. This person also acts as the point of contact with the Web team.

Content Management Systems

NUI Galway is moving from an older, in-house system, called 'NUIG CMS' to an enterprise solution, called 't4 Site Mangager'.
Older, maroon pages are powered by 'NUIG CMS', whereas everything else is powered by Site Manger.
You can get to both of these systems from (but only if you are on-campus).

t4 Site Manager courses

ISS runs a NUI Galway-customised training course every two months (i.e early January, March, May, July, September, and November).
Bookings for this course are managed by the Organisation and Staff Developement Office.
Course notes and supporting documentation are available at

NUIG CMS courses

Formal courses are no longer on offer but videos of common tasks are available within the CMS's help section. Links to the training documentation are also in its 'help' section.

Web Training Course I: Introduction to Web Editing
Web Training Course II: Web Editing - How to Use the Content Management System (CMS)