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Attention all Final Year Students

At a time of unprecedented uncertainty in the global economy, graduates in many of the traditionally strong sectors are facing a difficult employment environment. In spite of the global recession, prospects for IT/Computing graduates remain very strong in Ireland and throughout the world. Ireland is facing a graduate supply shortfall, as the number of students studying these subjects is not adequate to meet the demands for Computing/IT graduates in virtually every sector.
Here at NUI Galway, the College of Engineering and Informatics offers well established 1-year and 2-year graduate programmes in Information Technology and Software Engineering. The programmes are open to candidates with little or no IT experience. We attract students from all faculties Arts, Business, Engineering, Law, Science and Medicine/Health Sciences, as well as many overseas candidates. No need to worry about course fees, as our Graduate degrees are supported under the HEA IT Skills programme, so only capitation charges apply.

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News last updated : Tuesday 7th April 2009