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Two MA in Digital Media Students shortlisted for Digital Media Awareds 2010

Ghosts Before Dawn - an animation by Leon Butler is a finalist in the Student Digital Story Telling Award Category.
Nima, who wakes up in the middle of the night by an automated call from the Israeli Defense Force telling her to leave her house as it has been identified a legitimate target, thinks that the ghosts are coming. Her mother finds her crying and comforts her by telling her the ghosts will be gone before the dawn arrives. Unfortunately Nima slips out of the house in the night to find what she thinks are the stars falling. The "stars" are in fact white phosphors bomb. Her mother screams for her not to touch them. The film deals with the tactics used within the offensive and also examines the human factors as the motherís attempts to shield her daughter from the true realities of war.
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Engaging Media: An Exploration of Digital Media Integration in Second Level Learning Environments, researched, designed and developed by Ellen McCabe, is a finalist for the Digital Media Awards in the E-learning category.
Ellen's research investigates the current disparity between learning and entertainment as well as examining how digital media may constructively facilitate in realigning the positive elements of entertainment to formal learning contexts.
As a self-directed exploratory learning environment the application's main purpose is to encourage appreciation and analytical thinking with regard to the core narrative. This project seeks to explore how education and entertainment can be merged through the utilisation of new media.

News last updated : Tuesday 16th February 2010