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Technical Information for students

Below are some answers to frequently for new and returning students of Information Technology in NUI Galway.
If you have any further queries or technical problems please email

Computers: There are 2 large labs IT 101, IT 102. These are timetabled but outside of those hours are open access.
Final Year BScIT and BA students also have a project room IT 314. MSc SD&D IT 305, 1st MIT IT 308.

Accounts: These are normally Automatically created 24 hours after a students oficially registers. Accounts differ from the normal NUI Galway accounts.
To retrieve account Information :
Check account status via:

Students entitlement to software for their personal laptops/PC's :
  1. Products covered under a NUI Galway campus wide agreement :
  2. Extra Microsoft Software for Information Technology students :
    (covers most microsoft products including Windows 7, and Visual Studio 2010 suite, but not Word/Excel/Powerpoint).
    Your account details will have been emailed to you last year (returning students) or sometime in September (new students).
  3. Open source - which anyone can locate via internet

Access to Labs with Swipe cards:
This is based on 2 steps:
  1. Lists of students who should have access to rooms (e.g. all 4th BScIT allowed into 314). This list is generated automatically, as part of our account management and based on the University students database. this list is sent to security who update the actual door access list database.
  2. In addition all students need to bring their student id card over to security asking the cards to be enabled for use in IT doors (No need to mention specific doors as that is covered by previous step).

Projects: During your course year you may have a requirement to design a website, a web page and/or a database.
You can get access to these services on the department servers and access them from within the university and from home.
You have the choice between a Windows based server (for .net or asp based sites) or a Linux server (for php based). Both options can be used for standard html sites. For databases the choice is MySQL or MS SQL.
To apply for all these, pleae log in to our intranet and choose the relevant icon there. All requests are processed automatically usually within 10 minutes.

Printing: As an IT student you will have a limited free quota available for printing. This quota is reset weekly and dependant on your course/module.
You also have the option within the intranet to apply for a print extension in cases where you have used your quota early in the week.

If you have any further queries or problems please email

News last updated : Thursday 8th September 2011