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Ars in Action

This year, the College of Engineering and Informatics is delighted to launch a unique and innovative development within our undergraduate degree programme in Computer Science and Informatics Technology (GY350).

The module Next Generation Technologies I will for the first time introduce students to a year-long structured engagement with the Arts in the areas of digital animation, performance and sound creation.

Delivered by experts in the arts and digital technologies, it will provide a rare opportunity for students to explore how creativity, performance and technology can combine in an exciting and imaginative way.

This Arts in Action programme will have three interleaving strands:

  • Digital Animation, which is based on learning the key ideas of animation using technologies such as Fireworks, PENCIL and Animata.
  • Sonic, where students will explore the ideas of “found sounds” and combine these into short compositions which can evolve into gaming and performance soundtracks.
  • Physical Movement, which will present a mix of contemporary movement techniques, and explore how these may be animated and integrated with performance-related sound tracks.

In addition, students attend a number of music and drama events, and reflect on how these can inspire new ways of thinking about computer science and information technology. The programme will culminate at the end of Semester II in the inspiring and open space of the New Engineering Building, where students will demonstrate their animation creations, and also participate in a once-off multi-media performance event.

News last updated : Thursday 22nd December 2011