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NUI Galway Create Galway City Weather Smartphone App

Local Galway City weather is now available on your smartphone via an android app. The app arose from a collaboration between the Disciplines of Information Technology and Civil Engineering at NUI Galway. The weather data is provided by the IRUSE research group at NUI Galway led by Dr Marcus Keane, Lecturer in Energy Systems Engineering at the University.
The app development was carried out by Ronal Everiss, a former BSc(IT) graduate under supervision of Dr. Hugh Melvin, Lecturer in Information Technology at NUI Galway.
Dr Melvin, said: “Is Galway the wettest city in Ireland? We all know that the Irish love talking about the weather and that the Irish love their smartphones. Now you can combine these two with a free Android app and answer that question at the same time. This version won’t stop the rain or banish the clouds but we hope that the next one will – a practical example of cloud computing !”
The app is free and can be found by searching ‘NUIG Weather’ on Android app store. The app provides live weather data (such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and atmospheric pressure) as well as graphs of archived data so that you can review trends in weather over last day or month.
The weather data is also available via web browser

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News last updated : Tuesday 24th July 2012