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Award for Best Presentation at iHCI 2012: the sixth Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference.

Elise Karlsson and Karen Young have received the best presentation award at the Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI 2012) held in the National University of Ireland, Galway in June for the paper “Microstave: Music Notation for the Mobile Screen”.
The presentation and paper were based on Elise’s final year project in Information Technology at NUI, Galway which developed a musical score application for a mobile device to enable experienced music composers to easily and quickly visualize and compose music notation. The aim of the design was to include the most important features of music composition, recognizing the complexity of the music notation set, while also maintaining an uncluttered screen and including an intuitive error detection mechanism for measures containing an incorrect number of notes. The application was evaluated by various musicians of differing experience levels.

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News last updated : Friday 31st August 2012