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Medication Management

Dr Michael Schukat has created a medicine dispenser called Digispense. Requiring only power and access to a GSM network, the system is built around a detachable transparent tray with a separate section for each day. The tray is refilled on a weekly basis by the local pharmacist with the patientís medication. The tray is electronically tagged, sealed and cannot be manipulated, so the patient cannot take more than prescribed.

If the patient forgets to take their medicine, the system starts beeping as a reminder with a flashing light. If the reminder doesnít work the system informs a GP, pharmacist or other health care provider by SMS or email alert.

The system can only be reprogrammed by a pharmacist and is tamper-proof. It was developed by a team of engineers over a period of twelve months under a grant from the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund. It is portable, but Dr. Schukat expects any commercial version to be far smaller than the prototype.

Dr. Schukat presented the prototype at the recent Technology Showcase event in Dublin, which was organised by Enterprise Ireland. He is currently looking for investors or licensees to commercialise the system. A patent for Digispense is pending.

News last updated : Wednesday 10th October 2007