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Shortage of technology graduates despite excellent prospects

Yes, Dell has closed its computer manufacturing facility in Ireland, but it still employs scores of IT graduates with very high-level skills, researching and developing the next generation of technological advances. Graduates in these disciplines will form the backbone of Irelandís long-term economic future.

In 2008, the IDA and Enterprise Ireland said nearly 2,000 hi-tech jobs would be created in Ireland over the coming years. These new jobs will come as a result of expansions by existing companies ( IBM, Business Objects, GOA Games and Houghton Mifflin) as well as new companies such as Facebook.

What would I study in a computer science programme?

Computer science is the investigation and exploration of the theory, practice and use of computers and computation.

You study how computer hardware and software systems are designed, built and used to support activity; how computers are used to solve challenging problems; how they work; how computer software is developed; how computer hardware is designed; and how computers communicate with each other.
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News last updated : Tuesday 3rd February 2009