2018 Societal Impact Award Winners

 The winners of the President's awards for Societal impact in 2018.

2018 Societal Impact Award Winners Claire b

Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, Lecturer in the School of Physics
Dr Fairfield's application detailed her expertise in bringing academic scientific research to the public in a highly engaging manner, by writing, speaking, organising events and training other academics to popularize their work outside the Academic arena.
Dr Fairfield's work was considered highly original, distinctive and innovative, contributing to public dialogue, raising the profile of STEM and NUI Galway within the community, and building support and awareness across policy and public fields of the value of research.

Dr Eugene Farrell, Senior Lecturer Geography
Dr Farrell's application highlighted his significant contribution to society with regard to the effect of climate change on local communities and natural heritage with an emphasis on the Kerry coastal areas and extending nationally. Dr Farrell’s work demonstrated a significant personal effort to deliver excellent public services to local communities, helping translate research into public and policy education and alleviation initiatives, which through local in focus, has a national and international impact on a global environmental issue. 

Mr Brendan Smith, Education & Public Engagement Officer, Insight/Data Science Institute
Mr Smith's application highlighted his activism and enthusiasm for many and varied local, national and international societal causes. Mr Smith has been a long‐time advocate of promoting information technology.  His skills are in demand for his provision of Internet Safety & Cyberbullying talks and workshops to parents, teachers, children and youth as he believes strongly in the urgent need to make people aware of the dangers of online abuse and how we as individuals and society can do something about it.
His work was considered an excellent example of personal effort and contribution to society, evidencing sustained work, vision and commitment with local national and international impact. 

Dr Eilionóir Flynn, Lecturer School of Law
Dr Flynn's application demonstrated her many and varied efforts and significant contribution to society with international reach and impact on policy and legislation in support of the human rights of persons with disabilities. From her contribution to an array of national and international bodies, ranging from the UN, various EU and national bodies, she has had a significant impact on the development of law reform, policy recommendations and international human rights guidance.
Her work demonstrated significant reach and International impact on a global societal issue, influencing policy both nationally and internationally.