THE Overview

In 2017, the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, launched their  14th  annual world university ranking results, titled THE  World University Rankings 2018.  One thousand universities in the world were listed in the league table. Using rigorous standards and global benchmarks across all University's key missions the Times Higher Education investigate a number of metrics such as - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. The top 1000 list represents 5 per cent of the world’s higher education institutions. Published in THE World University Rankings in August 2017, NUI Galway maintained its rank in the top 201-250 band, this is a significant leap, compared to 351-400 published in 2012.

THE Methodology

The Times Higher Education methodology is explained in detail on the THE web site.

See a breakdown of the metrics in figure 1 & 2 below.   The THE Rankings are heavily weighted on the research metrics with a total of 60% weighting between the Citations and Research metrics.

 Figure 1: Pie Chart of each metrics in the THE Ranking. 
 The Weighting Pie Chart

Figure 2: Detailed breakdown of each metric in the THE Ranking
THE Weightings Detailed Table

THE Results

See NUI Galway's results in the Times Higher Education Ranking.


THE Results to 2017

The Ranking Table Results

THE Press Releases

See press releases relating to the Times Higher Education (THE) Universtiy rankings.

Published 2017

NUI Galway maintains position in the Times Higher Education (THE) University Rankings.

Published 2016

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