Surveys in NUI Galway

A number of surveys are completed across NUI Galway, eliciting Staff and Student perspectives, perceptions, satisfaction and feedback on any number of matters across the University with a view to informing internal dialogue and decision making.

Below are details of the University led surveys completed regularly across the University:

  • Undergraduate Survey (ISSE)   
    The outcomes from the (ISSE) are analysed and shared in order to improve wider understanding of student engagement patterns and identification of issues for further exploration. The survey is used by the university to inform strategic decision-makers about ways in which the experience of students at NUI Galway can continue to be enhanced.  It is also used to benchmark the NUI Galway student experience both nationally and internationally.
  • Post Graduate Survey  
    The results of the ISSE findings as outlined above at a postgraduate level are posted here.
  • INDEx Survey

    The INDEx (Irish National Digital Experience) Survey is a national survey of the digital engagement, experiences and expectations of students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. The survey runs from (14th of October until the 3rd of November) in NUI Galway and is being coordinated by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and NUI Galway is participating. The purpose of the INDEx Survey is to understand more about the digital experiences and expectations of students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. All students and staff who complete the survey will contribute to the evidence that informs important decision-making around digital teaching and learning within NUI Galway – and will influence the future enhancement of digital teaching and learning across the Irish higher education sector.  See FAQ in relation to the  Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey

  • CEIM Survey

    Anonymous surveys are conducted with 1st-year students offered CÉIM peer learning and CÉIM student leaders on an annual basis regarding students’ experience of peer learning and progression to 2nd year. The responses are analysed and fed into broader research on the impact of peer learning and the first-year experience. This research is shared with Schools and Colleges where CÉIM operates and with University management in order to enhance peer learning, the first-year experience and student-staff partnerships. 

  • First Destination Survey   
    Each year, all universities in Ireland and the UK survey their graduates to determine their first destination after leaving university. 
    In Ireland, this data is used by the HEA to gather national statistics.

  • Library Surveys  
    The Library vision for 2020  has outlined their commitment to engage with user communities to keep them informed of Library services they can use along with understanding their requirements from the library.  The LibQUAL survey helps better understand how the Library users rate library services, collections and facilities.  It also helps us identify areas for improvement and enhancement.

  • Technology Transfer Survey

Additionally, each School performs a local Student Evaluation of Teaching survey each semester at a module level, and University Policy dictates that each has an appropriate and systematic framework in place for gathering and responding to student feedback locally and for confirming its effectiveness to the relevant college

Staff and students time and opinion are both valuable to NUI Galway.  We encourage you to take part in surveys but understand that you may be asked to take part in a number of surveys throughout the year.  Always read the invite to participate and check that you understand what the survey is for, and how your feedback will be used; prioritise those surveys which specify how they will use your feedback to make life at NUI Galway better.