Art and Special Collections




This policy covers the collection of Works of Art, including paintings, sculptures, papers & manuscripts and outside sculptures for All Risks of physical loss or damage, subject to the standard terms, conditions and exclusions of AXA-Art policy.

1. What is the Sum Insured?


2. What is covered?

-          Exhibits whilst temporarily removed from any of the named Premises, anywhere in Europe: Limit €100,000

-          Exhibits in transit, anywhere in Europe: Limit €100,000.

3. What is the policy excess?                                     .

€1,000 each and every claim.


Transits by road must either be transported by you or your employee, out of sight in a vehicle and all parts of vehicle must be kept locked or be transported by a professional Fine Art carrier.

4. What are the main exclusions under the Policy?

A number of standard exclusions apply, including but not limited to:

  • Excludes loss or damage arising from Malicious Damage in respect of outside sculptures.
  • No cover for outside sculptures caused by or resulting from the wilful display of posters, stickers or other such paraphernalia on such sculptures.

5. Is there automatic cover for newly acquired exhibits?

It is noted and agreed, newly acquired exhibits need only be declared once every six months, subject  to the following, which you are required to declare immediately: Newly acquired exhibits valued in excess of EUR 10,000 and/ or if the sum insured for newly acquired exhibits exceeds EUR 10,000 within any one six month period.