Business Travel

The University has arranged travel insurance for staff and students who travel outside the Republic of Ireland on University business. Maximum duration any one trip is 12 months.


Students on work placement are not covered by the travel policy.


This cover does not apply to those on leave of absence; such individuals must arrange their own insurance cover for the period of their leave.


FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1.       What is the excess on this policy?

 €250 each and every claim 


2.       What are the main headings under this insurance policy?

The principal sections which are operative under the University's policy are as follows:

  • medical & emergency expenses – unlimited
  • cancellation & curtailment - €15,000 limit
  • baggage & personal effects - €15,000 limit
  • personal money - €7,500 limit
  • personal accident - €100,000 limit
  • personal liability - €7,500,000


3.       What are the Policy Limits?

         i.            Medical & Emergency Travel Expenses: medical and travel expenses (not otherwise recoverable) incurred as the direct result of falling ill or sustaining accidental bodily injury during the course of their journey abroad. It is important to note that the policy does not cover claims arising out of pre-existing health conditions. Cover is unlimited.

       ii.            Cancellation & Curtailment: if you are forced to cancel or curtail your journey as a result of any cause outside your control, deposits, advance payments and other charges for transport and accommodation, not otherwise refundable, will be reimbursed either in full or up to a limit of €15,000.

      iii.            Baggage/Personal Effects; insured up to a maximum of €15,000.  Single item limit item €3,000, unless the insured person bears the first 25% of any amount in excess of €3,000.

     iv.            Personal Money: insured up to a maximum of €7,500. Losses must be reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery of the loss and you must obtain a written police report.

       v.            Personal Accident: cover provides specified benefits for death, loss of eyes or limbs, temporary and permanent total disablement. There is an accumulation limit under this section of policy in respect of any one flight or accident of€25,000,000.

     vi.            Personal Liability: the legal liability of a member of staff, as a result of accidental bodily injury or illness caused to any person or accidental loss of, or damage to, the property of any person is covered up to a limit of €7,500,000.



In relation to the Travel section of policy - exclusion wording is “an insured person travelling or intending to travel against the advice of a medical practitioner or for the purpose of obtaining treatment. Under the Personal Accident section of policy – exclusion wording is “sickness or disease (not resulting from accidental bodily injury) or any naturally occurring condition or degenerative process which is known to and insured person and their general practitioner”.


The above information gives a summary of cover. This policy has a range of excesses and exceptions built in. The actual policy is retained in Building and Estates and is available for inspection by contacting ext 2134 or email 


4. I am due to travel abroad on University business - what do I need to bring with me?

You should carry a copy of the University's travel insurance certificate for University employees with your travel documentation - you can get a copy of this by contacting the above named


5. What about the E111 form?

As you may already know, the E111 form was replaced by the EHIC - European Health Insurance Card

It may be helpful for you to carry the EHIC if travelling to Europe

Further information and an application form are available from:


6.       What should I do if I need to make a claim?

You should contact Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email who will provide you with the relevant advice, assistance and issue a claim form, if required.


In the event of theft, the local police should be notified and a statement obtained from them (in writing) that the matter is noted and will be investigated.


7.       What covers applies in respect of cancellation/curtailment of travel arrangements under this policy?

See 3(ii) above.  €15,000 limit. 


8. Are conference fees covered?

Conference fees are not recoverable under the travel policy.


9.   What about tax?

It is important for you to note that the tax element of your flight is fully recoverable from your travel agent or the airline you were scheduled to travel with.


10.   If I am pregnant, am I covered by this policy to travel abroad on University business?

Yes, provided you are not travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner. 


11.   If my bag/wallet is stolen abroad, what should do?

You should report it to the police immediately and get written evidence, a police report in English if possible, to support your claim.


12.   What about medical emergencies?

Research has shown that over half of all employees don't know who to contact in an emergency when travelling on business. In fact, the first person that someone will call is their partner at home. In the event of a medical emergency abroad, you must contact American International Group's 24-hour emergency service, AIG Assistance, quoting our travel policy number which is: HGT 63867


Emergency Assistance Telephone: +44 208 762 8514

 Lifeline Plus includes valuable additional services by visiting:  and include:-

  • Health-line Plus – health benefits and access to a medical second opinion.
  • Concierge Service – can arrange entertainment and services abroad.
  • SMS Security Alerts – register for security and severe weather alerts.
  • – online medical records and documentation. Country specific information.


The medical emergency service must always be contacted in the event of hospitalisation.


The medical emergency service must not be used for general enquiries or requesting claim forms.


Therefore, if you are planning a trip abroad on University business, it is advisable to contact Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email, for the relevant advice and certificate of insurance. This documentation has all of the above information along with a schedule of benefits.


13.   If I take my laptop abroad, will it be covered under this policy?

Laptops owned by staff or students who are travelling overseas on approved University purposes, are covered under the Personal Baggage section of this policy. However, great care should be exercised to protect such items from loss, theft or damage. When not in the personal custody of the University personnel, the equipment should be kept in a locked compartment or a safe.

An excess of €250 applies to each and every claim.


14.   Areas of Unrest

Staff or students intending to travel abroad to an area in which there are disturbances, unrest, riots or civil strife should contact Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email, as early as possible, as Insurers may need to make necessary enquiries before deciding on whether or not cover will be provided.


Current areas of unrest requiring advance notification to Insurers  include:


Afghanistan, Chechnya and border areas, Iraq, North Korea and Somalia


This should be not regarded as an exhaustive list. Cover will not apply for trips to areas of unrest unless with the prior approval of Insurers.


We would also recommend you refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs website. The Department's website  will provide up to date information on areas of unrest and where they recommend a person does not travel.


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