Employers Liability

Employer’s Liability Insurance indemnifies the "University against damages and costs awarded to an employee, where legal liability of the University has been established for any injury, disease, sickness or fatality arising out of, or in the course of employment by the University". For legal liability to be established, omission, negligence or breach of statutory duty of some kind must be proved.


FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1.       What is the excess on this policy?

€0 each and every claim


2.       Who is covered?

The legal liability of the University, its Governors, Trustees, Colleges and Schools.


3.       Who is defined as an employee?

Any person under a contract of services or apprenticeship to the University.

Any person hired or borrowed by the University.

Any persons undertaking study or work experience with the University.

Any labour master or labour only subcontractor or persons supplied by them.

Any self employed person working for or under the supervision of the University in connection with the activity stated in the policy schedule.

Any volunteer approved and/or authorised by the University.


For a full definition of "employees" refer to Oifig an Rúnaí.


4.       What about visitors to a School/visiting researchers?

The University's Employers Liability insurance will not cover legal liability for death, injury or damage to those who are not employees (as defined) of the University. This potential liability is covered-by the University under a Public Liability policy (see Public Liability)


5.       Does cover extend to include work experience students?

Yes.  Please refer to the link entitled "Guidelines for Students on Work Placement."


6.       What about employees of other organisations coming to work in NUI Galway for a time?

Any liability which may attach to NUI Galway, arising from the injury, death or disease of such persons will typically fall for consideration under the University's Public Liability policy.


7.       What is the limit of indemnity under this policy?

€40,000,000 any one accident


8.       When engaging outside firms or service providers, what level of Employer's Liability indemnity limit should be requested?

The minimum level of cover generally available in the Employers' Liability Insurance market is €13m.  No lesser sums should be accepted.


9.       Contact Details

For further information or assistance, please contact Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email buildingsandestates@nuigalway.ie 

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