All University Marine property (both vessels and equipment) are insured against loss or damage by an insured peril which includes but is not limited to; a) perils of the sea rivers lakes or other navigable waters, b) fire lighting and explosion, c) violent theft by persons from outside the Vessel, d) jettison, e) piracy, f) breakdown of or accident to nuclear installations or reactors; and g) negligence of Master Officers, Crew or Pilots.

The policy also indemnifies the University against damages and costs where legal liability for injury to third parties or damage to their property has been established, arising out of the University's activities. For legal liability to be established, omission, negligence or breach of statutory duty of some kind must be proved.

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1.       What is the excess on this policy?

Vessels – 0.50% of Insured Value – subject to a minimum of €1,250 and a maximum of €6,500

 2.       Why is the excess on this policy so high?

The excess is not that high when considered in the context of the overall University property portfolio and values. Ultimately, the level of excess chosen is a balance between cover and the affordability of same.

3.       What should I do if my loss is less than the excess?

If your loss is less than the policy excess, the policy will not have any involvement in the reimbursement of your loss. Any such uninsured losses should be met by the School's budget.

4.       Subject Matter Insured

As stated in the Vessel Schedule. Please contact for further information.

5.       What is the definition of a Vessel

The description of the Vessel shall include hull, machinery, gear, equipment and all items pertaining to the Vessel but it does not include a) Vessels tender/dinghy unless actually on, being loaded on to being unloaded from the vessel; and b) Personal Effects the property of the Insured

6.       Is Marine Scientific Equipment covered?

Marine Scientific Equipment is covered subject to a maximum value of €150,000 any one item. Cover in respect of Marine Scientific Equipment is restricted to a) whilst onboard an insured vessel specified on the vessel schedule, b) on either the Celtic Explorer or Celtic Voyager, and c) whilst deployed in or on water.

Cover in respect of Marine Scientific Equipment is limited to total loss, salvage, sue and labour risks only and excludes wear, tear, electrical and mechanical arrangement and unexplained disappearance.

7.       What is the basis of settlement for loss of or damage?

The policy provides for replacement vessels & equipment to be acquired at full reinstatement value as new. Such replacements must be of a similar nature, style and model to the item that was lost, damaged or stolen.

8.       Where can a vessel or equipment be used?

The Geographical limits under the policy are UK and Irish EEZ Waters. Should a vessel be required to be used outside the Geographical limits you should inform Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email 

With respect to the Alice Perry Vessel the Geographical Limits are restricted to Inland and Costal Waters around Ireland only. Different Geographical Limits apply as the vessel being covered is a rib that is primarily used by the diving club and will be used no further than 2km to 3km offshore.

9.       What about new vessels or equipment?

The policy is written on a specified items basis and therefore you should inform Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email of any new items (vessels or equipment) to be added to the policy.


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