The University provides comprehensive motor insurance for drivers of the University’s motor fleet; vehicles owned, operated, hired, borrowed or leased by NUI Galway.


The policy itself covers University staff and post-graduate students who hold a full, clean drivers licence and have the permission of their Head of School to drive a University vehicle on University business.


The Head of School should ensure that a copy of each driver’s licence is taken annually and kept on file.


FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1.       What is the excess on this policy?

€500 accidental damage. This amount is the responsibility of the School/College itself and cannot be met centrally.


2.       Who can drive?

Any person who is authorised to do so by the University, or Head of School, provided that the person driving holds a licence to drive such a vehicle or having held such a licence is not disqualified from holding such a licence. Buildings and Estates must be notified in each instance.


There is an obligation on all drivers to disclose in advance, all material facts, including prior accidents and/or convictions or disabilities or medical conditions that impair your ability to drive. Failure to do so can invalidate the University’s policy.

3.       What about hired vehicles?

Hired vehicles are automatically insured as though they were permanent University vehicles, once they are hired on a ‘bona fide’ basis by the University in Ireland and the UK.


There is no need to advise of short-term hire arrangements.  However, if it exceeds 4 weeks, you should advise Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email with information such as period of hire, details of car including year, make, model (an email will suffice).

You should not select a ‘Collisions Damage Wavier’ option under any hire agreement.

It is not possible to cover vehicles hired outside of Ireland or the UK under this policy. In all such cases, full insurance cover including collision damage waiver, should be purchased with the vehicle hire.


4.       What cover applies when a staff member uses his/her own car on University business?

Staff are responsible for their own motor insurance. They are not covered by the NUI Galway Motor Policy when using their own vehicle.  Staff travelling on the business of NUI Galway should ensure that they have ‘occasional business use’ as part of their policy.


5.       What cover applies when a student uses his/her own car on University business?

Students are responsible for their own motor insurance.  They are not covered by the NUI Galway Motor Policy when using their own vehicle.


6.       Does this policy include windscreen cover?



7.       If required, how do I go about getting my windscreen replaced or repaired?

Contact Allied Irish Windscreen 1850 512 512


8.   What should I do if I incur penalty points?

You should notify Building and Estates on ext 2134 or email who will in turn inform our insurers.


9.   Will I still be able to drive University vehicle if I have incurred penalty points?

Each case will be considered on its merits; however, it is unlikely that Insurers would specifically exclude drivers for minor offences.


10.   If I have an accident (whilst driving a University vehicle) will it affect my own personal ‘No Claims Bonus’?

No, it will not affect your ‘no claims bonus’ as you were driving under the University’s motor insurance policy and any subsequent claim would go through that policy. However, you must disclose it as a material fact when renewing your own motor insurance.


11.   What cover applies when a University vehicle is used abroad?

Our insurance covers applies automatically when the vehicle is used in Europe, but you must notify insurers if your stay abroad will last more than two weeks.

Your policy provides the minimum indemnity required to comply with the laws relating to compulsory insurance of motor vehicles. 


If travelling to Spain, a bail bond may be required.


Any such intended vehicle use should be referred to Building and Estates in the first instance. In addition, anyone taking a University vehicle abroad should bring one (or all) of the documents listed below:


  • a copy of the University’s motor insurance certificate
  • a note on University headed paper authorising the user to drive the University vehicle abroad
  • a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate which will avoid any allegation that the vehicle has been misappropriated.


12.   Is there a breakdown service?

Yes, in the event the vehicle is immobilised as a result of a mechanical or electronic breakdown, fire or malicious damage, lost keys, stolen or locked.  Phone Mapfre Assistance 1800 945920.


13.   Will policy cover fire brigade charges?

Yes, up to a limit €2,500 any one incident.


14.   What cover applies under this Policy?

The cover provided is comprehensive incorporating:


Third Party: compulsorily insurable by statute to protect the University and authorised drivers against claims for compensation by third-parties for injury, loss or damage they sustain arising out of the negligent use of University vehicles


Fire & Theft: to protect the University against the risk of loss or damage resulting from fire, theft or attempted theft


Accidental "Own Damage": to protect the University against the risk of loss or damage resulting from other accidental, unintended and unforeseen loss or damage (e.g. striking a wall following a skid on ice).


15.   What use is covered by the University Policy?

  • use in connection with standard University business
  • use in connection with the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle (e.g. whilst the car is being serviced or repaired)
  • use for social, domestic and pleasure purposes by any authorised user
  • Carriage of passengers other than for hire and reward is permitted


No cover applies if the vehicle is used for any business use other than that of the University (e.g. use for a business with which the University staff member or student is associated in his/her personal capacity)


16.   What is not covered by the Policy?

  • Damage to tyres by the application of brakes or by road punctures, cuts or bursts.
  • Loss of or damage caused by explosion of the boiler of such vehicle. 


17.   What should I do if I have an accident and/or need to make a claim?

You must contact Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email, particularly if the damage is substantial as it may be necessary to appoint an Assessor before repairs are carried out. Also refer to the section entitled ‘Claim Procedure & Advice’ (for when an accident or loss occurs).


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