Property Damage and Business Interruption

All University property (both buildings and contents) is insured against a range of risks; primarily fire, lightning, explosion, storm, flood, impact, riot, malicious damage, subsidence, accidental damage and theft. This includes items leased, hired or loaned to the University or for use on University business (whilst located or operated in any premises in Ireland owned, occupied or used by the University).


FAQs (frequently asked questions):


1.       What is the basis of settlement for loss of or damage to contents?

The policy provides for replacement contents, equipment or machinery to be acquired at full reinstatement value as new. Such replacements must be of a similar nature, style and model to the item that was lost, damaged or stolen.


2.       What about the personal belongings of staff or students?

The University cannot provide insurance for personal belongings that are on campus, whether or not they are used for work purposes. It is assumed that the University provides you with all the equipment and material that you require to carry out your work. Accordingly owners of personal property bring their possessions to the campus at their own risk. If insurance cover is necessary, it should be arranged by the individual him/herself (normally under their Personal or Home Insurance Policy).

When a University staff member is travelling overseas on University business, the University does procure cover for personal effects, for the duration of the trip (see Business Travel).


3.       What are the main exclusions under the Policy?

A number of standard exclusions apply, including but not limited to:

  • wear, tear and gradual deterioration
  • faulty or defective design, materials or workmanship
  • loss of property left unattended, in the open or from an unlocked vehicle
  • losses which are not attributable to a specific occurrence or event

There is a time constraint (i.e. a limit on the time within which our insurers must be made aware of a loss). Accordingly, it is crucial to notify Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email immediately you become aware of a loss or damage occurring.


4.       What is the excess on this policy?

€5,000 each and every claim

This amount is the responsibility of the relevant College/School/unit and cannot be met centrally.


5.       Why is the excess on this policy so high?

The excess is not that high when considered in the context of the overall University property portfolio and values. Ultimately, the level of excess chosen is a balance between cover and affordability.


6.       What should I do if my loss is less than the excess?

If your loss is less than the policy excess, the policy will not have any involvement in the reimbursement of your loss. Any such uninsured losses should be met by the relevant College/School/unit's budget.


7.       Is my car covered under this policy whilst parked in any of the 'University's car parks?        

No, your car is parked at your own risk.


8.       Is equipment insured when it is removed off campus?

If you intend to remove a piece of equipment from University premises, please inform your Head of College/School/Unit as special insurance arrangements may need to be put in place.


9.       What about goods and equipment in transit?

See note 8 above

(i) When you are purchasing new equipment or machinery, you should take certain basic precautions

(ii) The Policy covers Property Insured whilst temporarily removed from the Insured’s Premises to any location in the world or permanently stored at any third party location in Ireland or Great Britain, whilst in transit by road, rail, air or sea provided that the insurers liability for any loss shall not exceed €750,000.

(iii) The manufacturer, vendor or supplier of the equipment (whether local or overseas), may offer to supply their merchandise on a number of bases e.g. "C.I.F." - this provides for the supply of the goods including the cost of carriage, insurance and freight (any loss or damage which occurs in transit until delivery to the University remains the responsibility of the sender) or "Ex works" - this provides for the purchaser or consignor to be responsible for any loss or damage once the item departs the manufacturer/ vendor/ supplier's premises


When signing for deliveries to the University, please ensure that goods are checked prior to signing delivery dockets. In the event that it is not possible to check for quality or quantity, please sign for goods as "unchecked" or "subject to detailed check on opening/inspection"


10.   What about Computers?

All computers and ancillary equipment such as printers, scanners, modems, keyboards and the like, are covered by this policy.

The Computer Policy covers such equipment for negligent breakdown only.

Please note that laptops are particularly vulnerable to loss, theft or damage as they are particularly desirable and easy to steal. Those who are provided with such equipment should exercise great care to protect the property and ensure that it is kept always in a safe secure place.

Please also note that the excess under the computer policy is €200.


11.   What about new items of machinery or equipment?

Our insurance cover is adequate to cover all normal purchases completed throughout the year without the need to update the University's Insurers. However, if your School purchases a particularly expensive new piece of equipment (say over €100,000) you should inform the Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email 


12.   What happens if my School receives a piece of equipment on loan?

Although our contents insurance covers loss or damage to University property, or property in our care (for which we have assumed responsibility), we may need to make special arrangements for the insurance of non-owned property in certain circumstances.

If in doubt or if the item is particularly valuable or irreplaceable, contact the Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email for the relevant advice or to put special insurance in place.


13.   What action should be taken when an accident or loss occurs or what should I do if I need to make a claim?

You should contact the Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email 


 Also refer to the link entitled "Claim Procedure & Advice"


14.   Special Note regarding Incidence of Theft

Several incidents of theft from School/Unit offices have been reported over the recent past. Losses have included equipment, cash and mobile phones.

The expectation in most cases is that the loss is recoverable from our insurance. However, our existing insurance policy has an excess of €5,000. In other words, the first €5,000 will be excluded from each and every claim and claims can be made only in the event of forcible entry to the premises. Items left in unlocked rooms, on desks, etc., which are taken, are not covered by the policy.


15.   All staff are reminded

i.            all valuables should be kept in a secure location

ii.            rooms containing valuables or equipment should not be left unlocked or unattended

iii.            losses which are not incurred as a result of forcible entry are not covered under insurance

iv.            the first €5,000 of each and every claim will be excluded and claims can only be made if theft is as a result of a break-in


It is essential that all losses are reported to Buildings and Estates on ext 2134 or email  and the Gardaí.


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