Teaching and Research

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NUI Galway is the epitome of what a university level education should be about. It provides a first-rate student experience with modern cutting-edge facilities. Its graduates are sought after throughout Ireland and beyond, and the NUI Galway name is synonymous with high quality.
— Alistair McCall, editor of the Sunday Times University Guide

The research environment here is strongly interdisciplinary, built on our particular areas of expertise and we place a great emphasis on independent learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

NUI Galway is today recognised as a centre of excellence in a number of areas including:

Biomedical Engineering
Child and Family Research
Environmental and Marine Science
Film and Digital Media
Irish Studies
Internet Technology
Human Rights

As a research-led university, the work carried out across our various colleges and research centres informs and enhances all of our degree programmes. Many of our research centres for example have helped developed undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are unique to NUI Galway, such as those in Marine Science, Human Rights Law and Regenerative Medicine. This means that all of our students can learn of the latest ideas and discoveries in their subject, from faculty who are working at the cutting edge of their field.

Both our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes are designed to provide the right mix of knowledge and practical skills in order to produce graduates who can make a real contribution to the world of learning and the workplace.

studentsOur strong emphasis on academic learning and personal development means NUI Galway graduates are highly regarded by employers and go on to enjoy successful careers in a wide variety of fields. Work experience is an integral part of many of our programmes and the Career Development Centre provides a comprehensive guidance and information service to help you manage your career development, including information seminars, career fairs and a one-to-one career guidance service.

Recent graduates of the University have been recruited by some of the leading international organisations, both in Ireland and overseas, including CISCO, Deloitte, Ericsson, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, KPMG and Microsoft.

NUI Galway is also Ireland’s leading university for student volunteering, with more than 2,000 registered student volunteers working in local and international communities. All NUI Galway students can volunteer through the University’s ALIVE (A Learning Initiative and the Volunteering Experience) programme, established to support NUI Galway students who wish to volunteer.