Outbound Mobility Students

Erasmus and International Student Exchanges and Placements

Despite us having to cancel all overseas travel due to start this summer, we are making every effort to arrange a meaningful international experience for those of you who want it during the remaining course of your studies. We are still hearing that the majority of you want to travel where possible and that you are looking forward to engaging in new forms of teaching, learning and socialising as part of this experience. To this end, we are adapting and exploring new routes to deliver options for you. Our primary concerns are to ensure your health and welfare and to deliver a world-class educational experience for you. As a consequence, the international pathways you are offered will differ according to your programme of study.

Update June 11th: Please note, details particular to your programme of study will be sent in the coming days by the School here at NUI Galway in which it is located.

The arrangements we are making for you are guided by a number of key principles:

· Our duty to explore and pursue fully international opportunities for students who would like them.

· Students participation will be optional for this academic year. Alternatives will be discussed if a student does not want to participate because of concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic.

· Critical to the feasibility of exchanges or placements is an assessment of environmental and safety (including travel) conditions in Ireland, in the host country and at the host institution/partner. In deciding to participate, students must be clear about the level of online components, and the local framework of social distancing and other social and cultural constraints.

· Each school in the University is best placed to ensure that the alternative pathway plans meet disciplinary, structural and logistical needs of their programme(s).

· Study visits are not recommended if the programme will be delivered in an entirely online format. The quality and suitability of online placement experiences will be judged at a programme level.

We are sure you will understand that this is a fast evolving situation so we will continue to adapt our plans and work with you over the coming months to maximise any opportunities the changing situation presents for you to have an overseas experience. Whilst many countries, including Ireland, are tracking positively and moving out of tight restrictions around travel and socialising, we cannot be certain that this will continue uninterrupted into the autumn and beyond. If there are substantial changes to the situation it may necessitate further changes to programmes. 

We know that the absence of more definite information is a challenge for you, and all of us will have a profound learning experience ahead, as we navigate through uncertainty and the need for adaptability. We thank you for your patience as we reconfigure ourselves to deliver a quality and worthwhile international experience to enhance your learning.

If you do not hear from your programme or College or have difficulty contacting them please inform the relevant College/School administration office for further guidance. College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies elaine.rea@nuigalway.ie; School of Businessbusiness@nuigalway.ie; School of Law law@nuigalway.ie; Shannon College shannoncollege@nuigalway.ie; College of Science and Engineering olive.mcgrath@nuigalway.ie(Science), claire.mitchell@nuigalway.ie (Engineering)

The College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has cancelled mobility for the academic year AY20/21.

Inbound Mobility Students

What will the student experience look like at NUI Galway in this academic year?

Academic Year 2020-21 at NUI Galway
In the face of the challenges posed by COVID-19, our University is working to ensure that your experience will be the best that we can deliver, whether you are starting a new course this September or returning for another year of study. At all times we will prioritise our university community’s health, safety and wellbeing as we structure the learning experience around the realities of a changed environment and will therefore at all times make decisions that adhere to public health advice.

Our students, staff and alumni are proud of our university and its reputation for excellence. We are determined to deliver a student experience that is as supportive as we can make it, and that enables the building of new relationships and development of talents. Colleagues, both academic and in professional services, are adapting to the changed circumstances, to deliver the best student experience that we can.

Semester Dates
For the vast majority of students, including visiting students, the semester will begin on 28 September. Full dates can be found here: www.nuigalway.ie/media/Semester-Dates-2020-21-rev-Jun-2020.pdf

Undergraduate orientation will take place in the week commencing 21 September and comprise a mix of online and on-campus activities to help you familiarise yourself with the university, understand the structures and demands of student life, learn about the supports available to you and get to know your fellow classmates.

This year, we will structure orientation such that each College will have a different day of on-campus activities. A timetable of these activities will be issued to you prior to arrival. Orientation is a very important rite of passage for new students and we encourage all incoming students to engage fully with the programme of activities to give a solid start to their student journey. For those of you who are not able to attend in person, important orientation information will also be accessible online.

Course Delivery
All taught programmes will be delivered in a blend of online and on-campus classes. Irrespective of the size of the class, we will have on-campus learning built you’re your student experience, typically through on-campus tutorials, seminars, distanced meet-ups and/or laboratories according to the needs of various courses.

Large-scale lectures will be adapted for online delivery, while smaller classes will be delivered on-campus where it is possible and safe to do so. The majority of online lectures will not be timetabled but will instead be made available in advance of any related timetabled classes such as seminars, tutorials, lab work etc. School and Programme Directors will be working with Academic Administration over the summer months to develop teaching timetables, taking into account the continually changing situation and evolving public health advice. Timetables will indicate which classes will be delivered on campus – these classes will be a regular part of your experience and you will need to be on campus to participate. At all times capacity in rooms will conform to public health advice.

We will work to accommodate the small number of you who cannot come to campus for health, access or other reasons, so as not to disadvantage your academic journey. We are working hard to ensure that all learning will be made available online, or accessible through some alternative means, to allow for those who may face delays in arriving in Ireland, allow for limits to student numbers in teaching spaces, accommodate those who cannot attend for health reasons, and to provide a backup in case of a rise in COVID-19 transmissions.

A final decision on the structure of Semester 2 will follow later when the COVID-19 scenario is clearer.

We encourage all of you on taught programmes to be in Galway from September, to be available for on-campus learning, and to experience the fullest student learning experience possible, given the COVID-19 restrictions. You should book accommodation and expect to be present in Galway throughout the semester. We will continue to abide by public health guidelines to ensure a safe living and study environment and, where possible, we will plan allocations to ensure you are in apartments with other students studying the same programmes to support peer-to-peer learning and laboratory/group project work.

See below under Accommodation for more information on booking on-campus accommodation. In addition, there is a wide choice of private off-campus accommodation available and all of the details are listed on NUI Galway Accommodation Office.

Student Supports
Our staff in Student Services are working to ensure that your time at NUI Galway is a rewarding academic, personal and professional experience. We will continue to provide a range of services and initiatives to support and encourage you both on-campus and online. We will address your concerns in targeted ways to ensure that we are supporting you effectively and appropriately.

 Please also continue to refer to our alerts and FAQs webpages for relevant updates:

I am a study abroad or exchange student hoping to come to Galway in September or later in the academic year 2020/21. Can I still apply? 

Yes, like many partner institutions we are continuing to receive nominations for our exchange and study abroad programmes for the academic year 2020/2021 through the normal channels on our website: 

Given the uncertain future we all now face, we are advising applicants not to make any financial commitment towards planned study abroad (e.g. flight booking, accommodation deposit) at the moment.

In the case of study abroad students applying to NUI Galway, tuition fees are collected after the semester starts so there will be no financial implications if a student enrols and then with withdraws from the study abroad programme up to the start of Semester 1, September 2020.

We encourage students to contact us with any concerns or plans you might have at this stage about study abroad participation for the academic year ahead (for example what opportunities might exist to move a planned semester 1 visit to semester 2).

Where can I find information and advice?

On-Campus Accommodation

Are all on-campus rooms single occupancy?

Due to social distancing requirements, all on campus rooms will be single occupancy only. This is also likely to impact on common spaces within accommodations blocks.

What happens if I am unable to start my course in NUI Galway due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?

If you are unable to start University due to a Government-imposed travel ban in place in either your home country or here in Ireland and you have already booked accommodation with us, Campus Living will refund any deposit less an administration charge and refund any rent paid.

What happens if NUI Galway’s academic year dates change due to Covid-19 restrictions?

If the NUI Galway’s academic year dates change as a result of Covid-19, Campus Living will be flexible. Licence agreement dates will be changed to reflect any changes in 2020/2021 academic year and rent will only be charged on a pro rata basis for the revised dates.

Are rooms available to comply with Irish government isolation requirements after arrival?

For students who have secured on campus accommodation, your room will be available to rent to satisfy government guidelines with regard to self-isolation after arrival in Ireland. Please see the following link for information:


 For more information, you can also visit NUI Galway Alert.

Covid 19

National report: Irish University Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ireland's universities are playing a vital role in our country's response to the COVID-19 emergency. Through targeted research, volunteering and redeployment, and the sharing of expertise, data and facilities, our universities are delivering life-changing impacts at home and abroad.

Our Research & Innovation Office at NUI Galway has developed a website highlighting the wide range of positive impacts our university is having.

The Irish Universities Association has published a report highlighting the wide range of positive impacts our universities are having.


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