Travel &Accommodation notice for International Students – Restricted Movement:

The Irish government has issued a list of countries (commonly referred to as the ‘green list’) in which the prevalence of Covid-19 is relatively low. As many of you are aware, passengers travelling into Ireland from countries that are not on the green list will be required to restrict their movements for a period of 14 days. 

What does restricted movement mean?

Restricting your movement means staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible for a period of 14 days after your arrival in Ireland.  The conditions attaching to restricted movement include:

  • Not going to campus facilities such as libraries/lecture theatres etc. or a workplace;
  • Not using public transport;
  • Not having visitors in your place of residence;
  • Not visiting others;

Not going to shops or pharmacies unless it is absolutely necessary e.g. food, essentials. Where there is no alternative, a face-covering must be worn.

What do I need to do before I travel?

  • Government Guidlines: Familiarise yourself with all travel-specific public health guidelines related to your journey.  Full details available at  
  • Port of Entry Letter: Immigration officials at your port of arrival may request documentary evidence from you that you are required to physically attend the NUI Galway campus. You will need to have this in your possession on arrival in the event of an immigration official requesting it.  You should have received this letter in August from the university. If you did not receive this letter please contact straight away and a letter will be issued to you.
  • COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form: You must complete a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form and present it to an immigration officer at your point of entry.  This form is available here.
  • NUI Galway Travel & Accommodation Form: Students must complete this mandatory form for NUI Galway to confirm their travel and accommodation arrangements. See more detail below on transport and accommodation options available.
  • Health & Symptom Questionnaire: All incoming students are required to complete an online symptom tracker for 14 days before departure for Ireland. Students who have symptoms or who have tested positive for COVID-19 should not travel to Ireland until they have been symptom-free for at least 14 days prior to departure. You will begin to receive thisform daily symptom tracker 14 days before you travel, based on the planned arrival date you have given us in the above-mentioned travel and accommodation form.
  • Please make sure to read the NUI Galway Complying with COVID-19 Public Health Measures Guide 

Arriving in Ireland & Galway: What facilities are in place for me?

Passengers travelling into Ireland from countries that are not on the green list will be required to restrict their movements for a period of 14 days. Learn more about what the restricted movement period means for you.

Transport to Galway:

Arrival in Ireland


  • Please note that students arriving in Ireland from overseas countries must not use public transport for their 14 days of restricted movement. 
  • Transport will be provided to bring students from Dublin Airport to Galway.  In order to avail of this, you must complete thismandatory form, which includes details of your travel to Ireland and your subsequent accommodation arrangements for the restricted movement period.
  • An International Students ‘Greet and Transfer’ Desk will be located in the Arrivals area of Dublin Airport. This will be organised via the Irish Universities Association, of which NUI Galway is a member. This service will commence from August 24th
  • All students arriving from overseas, including EU and Irish students, will be met by the Greet and Transfer team. They will have the details of your travel arrangements, as provided by you on the above-mentioned form.
  • You must present yourself to one of the team at the airport.  The team will be wearing bright yellow jackets and there will be signage at many points to assist you in finding their stand.
  • You must also present a copy of your offer letter and/or port of entry letter to confirm enrolment/acceptance at NUI Galway.
  • The Greet and Transfer team will direct you to awaiting buses, which will bring you to Galway. This transport will be provided free of charge to you. 
  • Facilities will be made available in Dublin Airport for those awaiting the next scheduled bus departure.
  • Arrangements will be made for students arriving at other ports: please provide your travel details on the mandatory form and we will contact you.



  • To facilitate your compliance with these public health guidelines, the University requires you to use accommodation, which has been specifically selected to ensure that it meets the requirements for restricted movement.
  • Students are permitted to source alternative accommodation for the restricted movement period.

Please note that our Campus accommodation has now closed for bookings for the restricted movement period.

You will need to source alternative accommodation in which to spend the restricted movement period. You must have this accommodation booked in advance of your travels, and are required to provide this information in both the COVID-19 Passenger Declaration form, and at the mandatory form for NUI Galway’s reference. 

If you do not have accommodation already arranged for the academic year that is suitable for restricted movement, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

NUI Galway has been in touch with a number of alternative accommodation providers that you may like to book with if you don’t have accommodation sourced for this period already.

Click hereNUI Galway - Agreed Hotel Offers for Restricted Movement for more information including contact information, price, meals available, booking process, and the proximity of each hotel to the NUI Galway campus. 

Accommodation for the academic year

If you haven’t booked accommodation for the restricted movement period or the full academic year, our Accommodation Office will be able to assist you:

  • If you have already booked accommodation and catering in Goldcrest Village or Corrib Village for your restricted movement period and have queries, please contact
  • For transportation queries, please contact
  • For queries on student accommodation for the academic year, please contact or visit
  • For all other queries, please visit the International Office Contact Us Page for more information on who to direct your query towards.
NUI Galway Complying with COVID-19 Public Health Measures Guide

Arrived in Ireland and Feeling Unwell – What to do

In the event that you should become ill while in restricted movement or thereafter, you should contact the local health unit on campus or out of hours doctor services. Please ensure you isolate your movement. If experiencing breathing difficulties, or seriously ill, you should call an ambulance immediately (dial 911). 

The Student Health Unit is providing a service to all full-time registered students as normal, though with the majority of consultations at present still being undertaken remotely, as per public health/ICGP infection prevention & control practice management recommendations.  The Student Health Unit does not provide housecall visits as part of its service.  The current 'outside term-time' opening hours are: 09.30-16.30, Monday to Friday.

Outside of these hours, WESTDOC ( 091 747710) is the local out of hours Doctors Care.

Contact numbers for both are below as well as some additional emergency numbers.

Local Medical Service Contact Information



University Health Unit

(091) 492604

University Hospital Galway

091 524222


091 747710

Other Contact Numbers:


Reception, Residences

091 527112

Millstreet Garda Station (Police station)

091 538000

University Late Night Pharmacy

091 520115

Click here for more information on Health and Travel.


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