Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

Postgraduate Merit Scholarships, comprising a partial fee waiver (value: €2,000), are available. These scholarships are aimed at taught postgraduate programmes in all areas of the NUI Galway curriculum, commencing September 2018.

 How To Apply



Scheme Opens


Apply for Admission to NUI Galway for September 2018

Applicant applies for admission to one or more eligible programmes (listed above) via  You must be in receipt of an offer and have confirmed your acceptance via payment of the acceptance deposit in order to be considered for one of our Postgraduate Merit Scholarship.

No e-mail application is required - all students that have accepted their offer will automatically be considered for one of the awards!

Now Open   


Scholarship Application Process

Round 1 -   Students that have accepted up until 5th March 2018.

The closing date to have confirmed your acceptance of your offer via payment of an acceptance deposit is 5th March 2018.  We will consider all those that have accepted their offers and will review based on MERIT.  No further action is required, if you have accepted your place you will automatically be considered.

Round 2 - Students that have accepted from 5th March to 30th April 2018.


We will make a further round of awards to the group of acceptors from 5th March to 30th April 2018.

 A further and the final round of awards will be issued in June 2018.

Should you have any queries please contact International Marketing & Recruitment


 Round 1 closing on 5th March 2018



Round 2 from 5th March to 30th April  2018

Any awards to be re-allocated or further awards - 30th April to 31st May 2018.

 Any remaining awards issued in  June 2018.



Scholarship Award Notification

Successful candidates will be selected on merit and will be notified via e-mail and will be required to confirm their acceptance via return e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: We will review the Scholarship Recipients as of 31st May 2018 to ensure that you have applied your Study VISA and are making arrangements to come to NUI Galway.  We reserve the right to re-allocate your award if you will not be taking up your place at NUI Galway.