Non-EU Tuition Fees for Visiting Students, 2017-18

Scholarships for 2017 

HBCU Scholarship

In an effort to address student diversity and minority participation, NUI Galway will offer two full tuition waivers to qualified applicants for a semester long programme,  from a HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) member institution. In addition a 10% tuition discount will apply to all qualified applicants from HBCU member institutions.


Generation Study Abroad Scholarship

Irish Universities announce 300 ‘Generation Study Abroad’ scholarships worth €300,000 for American Students

The Irish Universities Association is delighted to announce that all 7 Irish Universities will offer up to 300 ‘Generation Study Abroad’ scholarships to the value of €300,000 to students from the United States of America for entry 2017. The purpose of these scholarships to is support and encourage American students to gain an international experience through study abroad. The scholarships will give particular encouragement and support to those students who traditionally would not choose a study abroad option. 


Further details about both scholarships, including information about how to apply will be posted over the coming months.


The following are the tuition fees applied for non-EU Visiting Students studying at NUI Galway for a semester or a year.

Per Semester  
Arts/Business/Law €6,000
Science/Engineering €7,750
Per Year  
Arts/Business/Law €12,000
Science/Engineering €15,500
Note: An appropriate fee is calculated for visiting students taking both Arts/Business/Law and Science/Engineering classes.

Cost of Living

Average Monthly Cost of Living
The following table gives an indication of the monthly cost of living in Galway as a student. These costs are an approximation only as monthly costs will depend on each person’s individual needs.
Accommodation €400
Food €260
Books & Study Materials €60
Clothes, laundry €60
Utilities (e.g. electricity, refuse etc.) €80
Recreation €180
Other €160
Total (per month) €1,200