Application Process

Students applying for full undergraduate degree programmes from outside of the European Union (EU), and who are liable for full non-EU tuition fees, should apply online via  Apply to NUI Galway

Students applying for undergraduate medicine should apply directly to the School of Medicine, please note that applications for medicine will not be processed by the International Affairs Office. 

Your Application 

Documentation Requirements (documents you should have available to upload to your application).

  • Please upload originals or certified copies of school transcripts/examination certificates (or forecast results/predicted scores if available). Where an applicant has not yet completed Secondary School (High School), the most recent transcript should be submitted. Transcripts and graduation/examination certificates should be translated into english where neccessary. 
  • For US Applicants a standarised test score is required.   For your SAT scorecard, if you have selected NUI Galway, College Board will provide us with your SAT scorecard.  For ACT, we hope to receive your scorecard electronically but in the meantime please upload your scorecard to your application when available or alternatively selected the NUI Galway code and we will receive a copy via post.  The NUI Galway SAT code is 5878. The NUI Galway ACT code is 5351.
  • A copy of your Passport
  • A Personal Statement (typed) of no more than 800 words outlining your academic interests, sporting and/or cultural interests and your reasons for wanting to study at NUI Galway. You may also include aspects of your academic career that are not necessarily reflected in your application. (optional)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation ideally from a teacher and/guidance counsellor or someone who knows you personally.  Alternatively you can provide their contact informtion when you are applying online ( include their e-mail address) and same will be requested in confidence.
  • Please upload IELTS or TOEFL certificate, in the case of applicants whose first language is not English.
  • Some of our Undergraduate Courses may have specific subject requirements such as a higher level of mathematics or that you have studied a foreign language/second language, please check out the 2021 Entry Quick Guide to Subject Requirements below for your course.  [Please note that the Irish Language requirements refers to Irish students only].   The 2021 A-Level Quick Guide to Subject Requirements is also featured below.
  • If you have a query about these requirements please contact the International Marketing & Recruitment team e-mail; 
  • 2021 Entry - Quick Guide to Subject Requirements  
  • 2021 A-Level Quick Guide to Subject Requirements

When to Apply

For the September 2021 intake we open for applications from 1st November 2020.  Decisions on applications are made on a rolling basis, throughout the year, so please ensure to apply as early as possible. Applicants can usually expect a decision within 4-6 weeks of submitting an application.

Closing Date

Applications are now open for September 2021. Applications will close on September 18th, 2021 for September 2021 intake. Students who are coming from visa required countries please be mindful that teaching starts on the 27th of September. Students applying for full undergraduate degree programmes from outside of the European Union (EU), should apply online via  Apply to NUI Galway

Application Fee

An application fee of €35 will apply when submitting a Non EU Undergraduate application to NUI Galway  (you may apply for up to two programmes).

Apply online to NUI Galway 

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Frequently asked questions regarding the application process.



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