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Burren Geology School 2015

For the first time in this unique landscape, there is a Geology Field School that offers some of the best examples in the world of Carboniferous carbonate platform development and deltaic sedimentation as well as glaciokarst geomorphology and cave formation. Located on the western edge of Ireland in the famous Burren region of County Clare, the deep archaeological heritage, wonderful landscape and above all the people of Clare make this a truly worthwhile Field School. The course is introductory level for students with no previous geology experience although it is also a valuable resource for the experienced geologist to explore the geology of the Burren and west coast of Clare.

Programme Details

Dates June 8 -June 23 2015
Course SS101: Introduction to Field Based Geology
Credits 3 Semester Credits/6 ECTS Credits Programme Outline

Programme Outline

Academic Director:   Professor Martin Feeley

SS101: Introduction to Field Based Geology 

This is very much a field-based geology course, taught classes are in the morning at Caherconnell Stone Fort in the very heart of the Burren with daily trips to key geological sites throughout north and west Clare. Hostel accommodation is in the nearby town of Kilfenora. Caherconnell Stone Fort is an Iron Age fort with a long history and is the site of ongoing archaeological excavations by the Caherconnell Archaeological Field School. Class and field work tutors are highly qualified geologists with many years of experience in the area and most are based in the department of Earth and Oceanographic Sciences at NUI Galway. This module is designed to offer a good introduction to Carboniferous carbonate and siliclastic sedimentation as well as karst and cave development.

Cost includes accommodation, food, fieldwork transport and daily shuttle to and from Kilfenora. Cost does not include flights or other transport costs to and from Ireland or transport from airports to and from Caherconnell.

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Burren Geology School

Caherconnell Stone Fort, Carron, Kilfenora, Co. Clare

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