SS116 The Archaeological Heritage of Ireland

Ireland’s archaeological heritage is one of the richest in western Europe. The development of Irish societies through the ages can be seen in the great Neolithic monuments of the Boyne valley such as Newgrange and Knowth and also in the wealth of bronze implements and gold ornaments of the succeeding Bronze Age. The Celtic Iron Age is represented by great royal sites such as and Tara and Navan. From the Early Christian Period, monastic ruins and high crosses survive at sites such as Clonmacnoise, while the finds from Dublin tell us of the Viking raids and settlement. Churches, castles and abbeys survive from the Medieval period, while Galway city itself provides an immediate and local wealth of sites and features dating from the later Medieval period.

This course charts the evidence for human societies in Ireland over ten millennia from the island’s initial colonization by small groups of hunter-gatherers through to the Medieval period. The course addresses key themes such as ‘Megalithic Tombs and the Age of the Ancestors’, ‘The Age of Metal’, ‘Iron Age Royal Sites’, ‘The Arrival of Christianity’, ‘The Vikings in Ireland’, etc. The archaeology of the entire island of Ireland will be covered but there will be a particular emphasis on the archaeology of the Burren, a remarkable upland area just south of Galway where archaeological remains of all periods are well preserved and visible. The course includes two trips to the Burren to visit both prehistoric and historic-period sites. 



Director, Carleton Jones, M.A., Ph.D  

Carleton Jones received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and is an expert in the prehistoric archaeology of Ireland. For several seasons he directed a survey and excavation project focussed on the prehistoric landscape of the Burren in Co. Clare. This work was supported by the Heritage Council and Royal Irish Academy. He has published various papers on his research and has also published two books, ‘The Burren and the Aran Islands – Exploring the Archaeology’ and ‘Temples of Stone – Exploring the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland’. 








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€1,160 - Family Guesthouse (with Irish breakfast – sharing) 
€875  - Student Residence (without breakfast -single occupancy)

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