SS117 Irish History

‌‌‌This course will study the different peoples who became permanent settlers in Ireland over the centuries and the contribution that each has made to the development of an Irish society and economy, and to a distinctive Irish artistic and political life. The earlier lectures will consider the Celts, the Vikings and the Anglo-Normans, but the principal focus will be on the modern centuries with a detailed treatment of English and Scottish Protestant settlement in Ireland and of the interaction of these settlers and their descendants with the existing Catholic population. Special attention will be given to the major conflicts that occurred, especially those of 1641-52, the 1790’s and the recent conflict in Northern Ireland. There will also be lectures on the role of women in Irish life and especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The course will be of interest to majors in History, Politics and Literature as well as anybody wishing to be guided to the best recent literature.

Director, Laurence Marley, M.A., Ph.D

Laurence Marley, a native of Belfast, holds his doctorate in History from the National Universtity of Ireland. In addition to teaching history at NUI Galway, he is a lecturer with the St. Benedict’s College/Saint John’s University (Minnesota) Program in Ireland. His current research interests in 19th and 20th century Irish and British history lay particular emphasis on radical movements and social protest; Irish emigration and the diaspora; popular memory, commemoration and contested histories; and Northern Ireland.  His publications include Michael Davitt: Freelance Radical and Frondeur (Dublin, 2007), and more recently, (ed.), The British Labour Party & Twentieth-Century Ireland(Manchester, 2015).







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€2,010 (Euro)

€1,310 - Family Guesthouse (with Irish breakfast – single occupancy)
€1,160 - Family Guesthouse (with Irish breakfast – sharing) 
€850  - Student Residence (without breakfast -single occupancy)

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