SS121 Irish Society

A comprehensive study of issues in modern Irish society including: economic change; family, demographic and marriage patterns; the changing role of religion in Irish life; educational change; women in Irish society; the influence of the media; and social problems such as racism, poverty, crime and inequality in contemporary Ireland. This course is suitable for all students interested in contemporary Ireland, especially students majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, students from Liberal Arts programmes or those who are interested in the social background to Irish culture and literature.


Director, Marilyn Moylan, M.A.

Marilyn is an Academic Co-ordinator at the School of Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway. Born in the USA, she came to Ireland in 1967. Her B.A. is from NUI Galway and she was awarded an M.A. in Economic Sociology by Ohio State University. She currently teaches courses in Irish Society, Medical Sociology, and the Sociology of Deviance in the School. Her primary interests are in the medicalisation of society and the effects of economic change on social institutions in Ireland.